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The Game Players of Meridien–Coming Soon!

From award winning author, Robert I. Katz, The Game Players of Meridien: Book One of the Chronicles of the Second Interstellar Empire of Mankind! Over six thousand years in the future, and two thousand years after the fall of the First Empire, mankind has spread throughout the galaxy.  The Second Empire occupies only a small portion of the space once ruled by its predecessor, but the Second Empire is expanding, contacting the old worlds of the Imperium, establishing trade and bringing civilization to the worlds that have fallen into darkness.

Illyria was an important world in the days of the First Empire, it’s people genetically modified to be larger, stronger and faster than the human norm. The Empire needed soldiers and the people of Illyria were perfect for that role. Now, thousands of years later, the various societies of Illyria revolve around the playing of games, often very violent games.

Douglas Oliver is a young, up-and-coming industrialist in the nation of Meridien, a small but rich country ruled by the Guilds, which offer its members financial support and military assistance, but when Oliver Enterprises is sent an anonymous challenge, the game swiftly grows out of control. The game players of Meridien are unexpectedly forced to choose sides; and suddenly, Douglas Oliver is fighting for his life against an adversary who ignores all the rules that the game is supposed to follow.

Selected Reviews of Previous Works

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

“…The expertly realized background and solid professionalism of the prose and dialogue mark Katz a writer to watch.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“…sophisticated and well written…You’ll find it more entertaining than many titles from more established writers.”

John Grant in Infinity Plus

“…well written…absorbing reading…an extremely rewarding piece of work.”

Paul Levinson--Past-President, Science Fiction Writers of America

Mystery Scene Magazine

“Robert Katz’s EDWARD MARET touches all the bases: cyborgs, aliens, cyberspace, Thomas Aquinas, DNA, trips across the galaxy, political intrigue, betrayal, love and more. And Katz serves it up in a snappily written, evocative style, plangent with memorable images, details, and metaphor.”

“Surgical Risk is a highly original medical mystery…Peppered with insightful comments on medicine and its practitioners, Surgical Risk is a well-crafted and richly different mystery.”

“Kurtz and Barent are on the case and find themselves tangled in a net of revenge, recrimination, and deadly animosity…a good, well-written, intricate piece of work.”