Edward Maret

Edward Maret was a happy man. He was young, carefree and engaged to be married, but Edward Maret had enemies. His cousin Philip envied him his money. Vincent FitzMichael envied him his fiancee, and Jason Deseret, a man with a dangerous secret, feared that Edward Maret could destroy him.

Six years later, the cyborg corps is humanity’s first line of defense against the alien Kliya, and cyborg AX-17 is one of the best–swift, skilled and deadly. His memories stolen from him, his face and boy mutilated beyond recognition, cyborg AX-17 has no choice but to obey the orders of his human masters, until AX-17 is unexpectedly set free, and Edward Maret returns, to seek revenge.


“…sophisticated and well written…you’ll find it more entertaining than many titles from more established writers.”–Science Fiction Chronicle

“…absorbing reading…an extremely rewarding piece of work.”–John Grant, in InfinityPlus

“Robert Katz’s EDWARD MARET touches all the bases: cyborgs, aliens, cyberspace, Thomas Aquinas, DNA, trips across the galaxy, political intrigue, betrayal, love, and more.”–Paul Levinson, Past-President, Science Fiction Writer’s of America


Richard Kurtz is a surgeon, a good surgeon, if he does say so himself (which he does). He has a luxury apartment on the East Side of Manhattan, a good-looking girlfriend and a busy practice. Kurtz should be happy, and he is, sort of, most of the time…despite a few vague, simmering regrets that he tries to ignore.

One of those regrets is Sharon Lee. For three months one summer, Sharon Lee and Richard Kurtz had thought themselves in love…until it ended. But when Sharon Lee’s dead body is found strangled in a hospital call room, Kurtz cannot getting involved, and soon finds himself embroiled in a twisted tale of murder and betrayal.


“Peppered with insightful comments on Medicine and its practitioners, Surgical Risk is a well-crafted and richly different mystery.”–Mystery Scene Magazine

“Desperate to find out what happened to the ob-gyn, Kurtz, whose name and profession bear some resemblance to his creator, Dr. Robert I. Katz (Edward Maret), Kurtz gets drawn into the escalating mystery in Surgical Risk.”–Publishers Weekly

“…Kurtz and Barent make a compelling investigate team, and Surgical Risk is a mystery with plenty of suspense and twists.”–Mystery Review Magazine


Richard Kurtz is a surgeon. He works more hours than he would like but that comes with the territory. Lew Barent is a cop. He has a job that he’s looking forward to leaving, a daughter that he dotes on, a son-in-law he can barely stand and recurrent migraines. Rod Mahoney is a Professor of Anatomy at Staunton Medical College.

Kurtz and Mahoney are old friends. They play chess together now and then, reminisce about their time in the army and drink beer…until Rod Mahoney’s dismembered body is found one day in his office, and Kurtz and Barent find themselves suddenly investigating a tale of bitter regret and ancient revenge.


“…hits the nail on the head…if you read Surgical Risk, you’ll be delighted with the characters’ flowering in this new novel.”–John Grant, in Crescent Blues

“…the expertly realized background and the solid professionalism of the prose and dialogue mark Katz a writer to watch.”–Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

“A fun read that you’ll find immensely satisfying and worth the time.”–newmysteryreader.com

Richard Kurtz and Lew Barent have solved two improbable murders at Easton Medical Center and neither of them are expecting a third, but when elderly philanthropist Eleanor Herbert dreams that she’s witnessed a murder and a young hospital administrator is found strangled in bed, Kurtz and Barent are drawn into a simmering tale of greed, conspiracy and murder.


“…a suspenseful medical mystery which grabs the reader from the first page and takes us on a ride you won’t soon forget…You can’t put it down.”–Midwest Book Review

“…one of the most unlikely and enjoyable amateur detectives around…this battle-loving doc with the snarky sense of humor is outrageous fun.”–Mystery Scene Magazine

“Recommended…”–Library Journal

The Cannibal's Feast, a science fiction novel by Robert I. Katz

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Now available from award winning author, Robert I. Katz, The Cannibal’s Feast. In the Twenty-Fifth Century, mankind has spread throughout the solar system and beyond. Ships travel faster than light. Interstellar travel has become common. Asteroids have been hollowed out, are inhabited by millions and have become the prosperous center of human civilization. The Industrial Congress, a loose association of humanity’s largest, most powerful corporations, and its military arm, the Comity, tries to keep the peace in Sol system between endlessly feuding corporations. Governments are obsolete. Earth is a sleepy backwater.

Matthew Braden, a young man from a run-down habitat in Earth orbit, has graduated at the top of his class from the training institute of the Biotek-Itachi Gesselschaft, one of the largest of the industrial combines. Matthew is a Generalist, flexible, adaptable, highly intelligent and able to function well in almost any environment or situation. Assigned to Cygnus, the Security Division of the Corporation, Matthew soon finds himself a prime weapon in Biotek’s escalating war against its principal corporate adversary, the Hyperion-Narita Combine, as they plot to determine the future of all humanity.