1/1618: The City of Ashes is Now Available!

The City of Ashes: Chronicles of the Second Empire, is now available for kindle purchase (free with Kindle Unlimited). This is the sequel to The Game Players of Meridien and is the second book in The Chronicles of the Second Interstellar Empire of Mankind.

In this book, Douglas Oliver has survived the siege of Aphelion but the threat posed by the nation of Gath is far from over.

Every five years, Gath sponsors a Grand Tournament, where future leaders are pitted against each other in a series of violent contests. No outsider has ever won the Grand Tournament. Douglas Oliver is determined to change that.

All across the continent, nations are making alliances and choosing sides. War is coming, and Douglas Oliver’s participation in the Grand Tournament represents the opening gambit. Meridien intends to win the game that Gath has started, and Douglas Oliver is his country’s chosen weapon.


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