8/11/17: Free Short Stories!

I now have two free short stories available on Instafreebie and you are all invited to go and get them!

The stories can be accessed at the following URL’s:

For “Adam:”

For “Something in the Blood:”

“Adam” was first published in the Strange Pleasures 3 anthology, in 2005 and is currently unavailable elsewhere.

Fischer is a careful, dedicated scientist but when he uses a tailored retrovirus to transfer the Fox P2 gene, sometimes called the “language gene” into a cage full of rats and a mouse named Adam, he is not prepared to deal with the unexpected, world changing consequences.

“Something in the Blood” is a prequel to the Kurtz and Barent mystery series.

With less than a year to go before graduation, surgery resident Richard Kurtz decides to spend his summer on an elective rotation at a small hospital in Arkansas. The hospital and town seem peaceful enough but when teenaged Ben Saunders comes into the ER with a broken wrist, Kurtz becomes involved in a family tragedy that spans two generations.

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