9/21/17: Updates!

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Just thought I would put up a post on how things have been going.

So far, my mysteries have been selling decently but I can’t say the same for the science fiction, just a couple of copies plus a few hundred pages read from the kindle library. I’ve decided to change the title on the next, to The Game Players of Meridien and I’m hoping that it will be out sometime in November. Following within a few months, will be the sequel, now tentatively entitled, The City of Ashes. Following that will be the next Kurtz and Barent mystery, The Chairmen, which should be out by April or May of next year.

I’ve been participating in two Group Giveaways on Instafreebie. Both Giveaways will be operational through September 30. The first is a science fiction short story, entitled “Adam,” about a scientist who uses a tailored retrovirus to implant the Fox P2 gene, sometimes called the language gene, into a cage full of rats and a mouse named Adam, and the unexpected consequences that ensue. The second is a prequel to the Kurtz and Barent mysteries, entitled Something in the Blood, featuring Richard Kurtz as a surgical resident on an elective rotation in the Arkansas mountains, solving a medical mystery that spans two tragic generations. These Giveaways offer dozens of excellent short stories and they can be accessed at the following URL’s:

The science fiction short stories:

The mystery short stories:

Well, that’s about all for the moment. Hope to have more news soon!


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